The fact is, people will always find the money they need to pay for the things they want.

If it’s not you they are spending that money with, they are spending it with someone else. I can help you fix the equation. If you are a business owner, entrepreneur, coach, or consultant and you are;

  • Finding it difficult to create demand for your product/service – you’ve blended in with the crowd, and lost your sense of uniqueness and difference.
  • Shooting in the dark with no clear thinking process guiding your efforts and decisions (about where to invest, how to market your business, how to better position your brand/business, and how to design compelling brand experiences etc)
  • Struggling to define your difference and communicate the value of your difference with clarity and impact to your customers.
  • Unsure if you’re well-positioned to deliver the financial returns you desire to see in your business.
  • Feeling stuck, and unsure of what you should do next in order to take your business to the next phase of growth.

If your answer to most of the above was YESyou may want to continue reading…

But wait! before you continue.

Maybe let me explain why I believe I’ve earned the right to hold your hand and walk the journey with you. Working with business owners like you from across the continent I’ve discovered one major hurdle that prevents a lot of businesses from growing; they sell themselves short.

They struggle to define their difference and communicate the value of that difference to their customers with clarity and impact. Over time, this weakens their position (that’s if they had one) and prevents them from commanding premium prices to grow their businesses.

Does it sound familiar? What about these below?

  • Working for free in the name of building a profile or portfolio?
  • Taking on low-paying clients with unrealistic expectations that you end up spending more to execute the project than you actually charged.
  • Not charging accordingly for the fear of losing both the opportunity and money?
  • Being so all over the place that people are even confused about what your business does and the results you can deliver for them?
  • You are never in control of the sales process, your prospect dominates the conversation, and you are just there agreeing to everything they say.
  • You’ve put so much into your business but still can’t seem to crack the code to deliver financial returns.

Well, I’ve been there before.

I’ve wasted money on ads pushing something that had no soul, shape, or form – I was gambling my way through, hoping someone will see my ads and then boom becomes my client.

My messaging and value weren’t clear and sophisticated enough to compel people to do business with me. I have done all the tricks you may think of, giving all kinds of discounts and free strategy calls. 

Guess what! All was in vain.

All I needed was someone to look at my business objectively and provide constructive feedback. Someone who would help me go beyond the book to diagnose the low-hanging fruits and provide a tailored roadmap of strategies suited for my kind of business.

I then discovered that Not every position, is profitable

But still had no idea how to better position my business to attract high-value clients. I’ve learnt (the hard way) that establishing a brand in the hearts and minds of customers requires much more than just my desire to do so. I needed a proven formula that would guide my efforts and inform my decisions.

If you are still reading this tells me you are serious about increasing your value, securing a profitable position, and establishing yourself as an influence and authority in your niche so you can command premium prices. 

3 ways I can help YOU and YOUR BUSINESS GROW!

#01 Core Strategy Blueprint

I know you are reading this and thinking, Why another blueprint on strategy? Haven’t we seen enough already? Hasn’t everything that’s to be said about strategy already been covered by gurus?

Well, the answer is no. You do need fresh thinking on strategy. At a minimum, you need this blueprint.

Not because the concepts that have been taught over the last 40 years don’t work, but because they’re outdated and can’t explain the success of a new breed of companies that seem to have no boundaries (Netflix, Amazon, Google).

This breed of companies displays a fluid behavior that seems to break the fundamental principles of classic strategic thinking, where you could clearly identify your competitors, their strengths and weaknesses, and then go plan your strategy accordingly.

Now, back to the Core Strategy Blueprint 2.0

The Core Strategy Blueprint fuses 3 critical strategy frameworks that I have used to give shape and form to a lot of businesses I’ve worked with. This blueprint is designed to help you

  • Diagnose, Build Clarity: 360 degrees scan of your business and its environment – your operating model, current strategy, brand, market position, marketing, revenues, customer experience, operations, customers and competition.
  • Build A Winning Formula: This is what I call, YOUR GAME PLAN, a strategy that’ll guide and inform every move you make to achieve your goals.
  • Strategy & Execution Roadmap: This is a bridge between STRATEGY and EXECUTION, an implementation plan to execute your strategy
  • Measurement Framework: A holistic framework for measuring the impact of the formula across key functions of your business.

Own this blueprint for only $119

Bonus: 30 Minutes Session with me where I briefly show you how to apply the formula in your own business.

#02 Once Off 1:1 Clarity Call

Like everything else in the digital space, your brand needs to be dynamic and responsive to the changing market conditions, evolving consumer needs; and competing offers. A well-articulated and executed brand is no longer a nice-to-have, it is a necessity. The truth is, if you can’t articulate it, you are less likely to properly execute it. Here’s what’s included:

90 Minutes Clarity Call

Valued at $750.00

We’ll use this session to unpack key areas of your business with the intention to identify gaps/issues that are interfering with your growth. We’ll look into your model, positioning, messaging, the industry you are in, objectives, and key touchpoints; assessing past actions in order to establish a clear path forward.

Strategy Blueprint 

Valued at $1500.00

Drawing from learnings and insights from our Clarity Call, I’ll tailor a brand strategy framework uniquely designed for your business, to guide your efforts and inform your decisions. It is a blueprint that feeds into your marketing, branding, sales, positioning, and design.

Strategy Action Plan

Valued at $350.00

This is a step-by-step guide detailing your next strategic moves. It helps removes the element of thumb-sucking from the brand-building process providing you with clarity and focus in terms of what to do next, and how to channel your energy and resources for optimal results.

The total value of this engagement is $2600, but you can have it for $195. This is to afford as many of you as possible access to tools and resources that’ll help save you time and money.

#03 Clarity Coaching Programme


The Clarity Coaching Programme has been helping business owners to build optimized business models with a clear value proposition, messaging, and a marketing system that generates ideal clients consistently.

The 5CQs Framework

We will unpack The 5 CQs Framework. These are The 5 Critical Questions At The Heart Of A Winning Brand Strategy. This is framework is designed to help you build what I call a Strategic Game Plan; a clearly defined thinking process that helps you to make choices that enable you to win in highly competitive markets.

Brand Strategy Framework

This is a step-by-step guide detailing your next strategic move. It helps you remove the element of thumb-sucking from the brand-building process providing you with clarity and focus in terms of what to do next, and how to channel your energy and resources for optimal results.

Brand Experience Mapping

Experience Mapping is one of the most effective ways to identify and close gaps in customer experience. When you walk through the customer journey, you discover the highs and the lows of the brand experience you offer, everything you do right, and any pain points you need to address. This enables you to create better, more personalized experiences for your customers.

Enrol to the Clarity Coaching Program.

Request a Free Growth Coaching Session to explore how you can attract more clients, increase your income and grow your business. Before scheduling your call, please take 2 minutes to answer these questions so we can learn more about you and your business.

Upcoming Masterclass On Strategy

29 July 2023 | 09:00 SAST | Johannesburg, South Africa

The only Strategy Masterclass you’ll need this year, designed for business owners, entrepreneurs, coaches, or consultants seeking to build optimized business models with a clear value proposition, messaging, and a marketing system that generates ideal clients consistently.


Meet Miyelani,

Miyelani is the founder of Omedia Intelligence, a strategy consultancy that fuses strategy and design thinking to help brands solve complex challenges, fuel innovation and deliver engaging experiences. He has worked with countless brands and businesses across the African continent, driving strategies that delivered sustainable growth for his clients.

He is also the brain behind the Now To Next Annual Entrepreneurs Conference which brings together seasoned entrepreneurs, innovators, brand architects, and marketers to exchange views and share ideas and thoughts on how to effectively leverage business opportunities that exist in the digital space.

Miyelani spent most of his career life in the media/broadcasting space; focusing on audience insights, content research and strategy in West Africa, East Africa, Zambia; and the Portuguese markets (Angola and Mozambique).

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